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North Texas Quilt Festival


August 19, 20 & 21, 2021 


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2019 North Texas Quilt Festival Winners List

Best of Show: My Baltimore Album - Sally Brown/Jackie Brown
Viewers’ Choice: Infinity - Becky Griffith/Pam Wingate
OSQE Choice: Chicopee Square - Leo Ransom/Richard Larson
Judge Choice - Dee LeClair Chicopee: Square-Gay Guinn/Gale Smith
Judge Choice - Holice Turnbow: Beans and Rice-Linn Jencopale/Darlene Ward
Judge Choice - Kathi Eubank: Victorian Baskets-Davene Hutchins/Mona Levingston
Merit Hand Quilting: Seasonal Silhouettes-Mary Nelson/Thursday Quilters with Mary Lou Nelson
Merit Machine Quilting: Infinity-Becky Griffith/Pam Wingate
NACQJ Dee LeClair: Century Plant at Big Bend-Jaye Dodds/Jaye Dodds
NACQJ Holice Turnbow: Grandma's Wedding Ring-Suzanne Garcia/Sabine Thompson
NACQJ Kathi Eubank: A Better World-Leo Ransom/Richard Larson

101A Artisan Pieced Quilt - Medium
1st Place: Triunity-Robyn Pry/Robyn Pry
2nd Place: Water Lilies-Nancy Lindsay-Merte/Nancy E Lindsay-Merte
3rd Place: And Suddenly-Eileen O'Neal/Eileen O'Neal
HM: Pineapple Colorwash-Mary Hiatt/Mary Hiatt
HM: Turquoise Swirl-Maria Freitag/Maria Freitag

101B Artisan Pieced Quilt - Large

1st Place: Sharon's Monterrey Medallion-Sharon Gunnels/Sharon Gunnels
2nd Place: Hidden Garden-Christine Weiss/Christine Weiss
3rd Place: Marcelle Medallion-Ann Jones/Ann Jones
HM: Swoon Sixteen-Becki Rose/Becki Rose
HM: Fiesta-Joyce Martin/Joyce Martin

102 Artisan Appliqué Quilt
1st Place: Kathy Dunigan "Baltimore Basket of Flowers" Class-Elaine Grasher/Elaine Grasher
2nd Place: Lollipop Trees-Jackie Stahlecker/Jackie Stahlecker
3rd Place: La Splendeur du Printemps (The Splendor of Spring)-Judy Faulkner/Judy Faulkner
HM: Chocolate Sunrise-Nancy Carr/Nancy Carr

103A Artisan Two-Person Pieced Quilt - Medium
1st Place: Midnight Sky-Carolyn Hughes/Errol (Pete) Hughes
2nd Place: La Dolce Vita-Amy Archambeau/Becky Griffith
3rd Place: Just a Little Bit of Purple, Please!-Kayleen Farrington/Carol Hoes
HM: Red/Black/White Fans-Ethel Bradford/Darlene Ward
HM: Mind the Gap-Rachel Cowley/Darlene Ward

103B Artisan Two-Person Pieced Quilt - Large
1st Place: Infinity-Becky Griffith/Pam Wingate
2nd Place: Love Worn-Nancy Shortino/Sabine Thompson
3rd Place: Texas Snow-Debra Ware/Sabine Thompson
HM: Libby's Log Cabin-Joyce Clark/Carol Hoes

103C Artisan Two-Person Pieced Quilt - Extra Large
1st Place: Grandma's Wedding Ring-Suzanne Garcia/Sabine Thompson
2nd Place: By the Sea-Bonnie Chovanetz/Miriam Hink
3rd Place: The Eye of the Dragon in Mimi's Cage-Marilyn Cox/Deborah Scott
HM: Morning Glory-Wanda Rolf/Susan Turk

104 Artisan Two-Person Appliqué Quilt
1st Place: My Back Yard-Jeanne Childs/Lisa Yarost
2nd Place: Chirp Chirp-Patricia Bauerschmidt/Mona Levingston
3rd Place: Talavera-Davene Hutchins/Susan Corbett
HM: Winter Wonderland-Leslie Crocker/Ellen Happe Phillips
HM: The Dress-Kathy Sibley/Susan Corbett

201 Master Pieced Quilt
1st Place: Coastal Lily Garden-Sabine Thompson/Sabine Thompson
2nd Place: Forever-Marcia Brenner/Marcia J Brenner
3rd Place: My Scrapbook of American Quilts-Dollie Blevins/Dollie Blevins
HM: My Hanover Star-Randa Dillon/Randa Dillon
HM: Zig and Zag-Shelley Clauss/Shelley Clauss

202 Master Appliqué Quilt
1st Place: Rose of Sharon-Kayleen Allen/Kayleen Allen
2nd Place: Bloom-Janie Merritt/Janie Merritt
3rd Place: Feather-Pam Gantz/Pam Gantz
HM: Hunter's Dinosaur Safari-Cindy Bergman/Cindy Bergman
HM: Radiance Reverse Applique-Mary Nelson/Mary Nelson

203A Master Two-Person Pieced Quilt - Medium
1st Place: Hexie Garden-Carolyn Bowden/Susan Corbett
2nd Place: It's My Small World After All-Barbara McClellan/Susan Corbett
3rd Place: Love, Always-Janice Mowery/Veronica Mowery
HM: Hexie Fun-Sheri Jones/Susan Boutwell

203B Master Two-Person Pieced Quilt - Large
1st Place: Winter In The Forest-Annelle Smith/Barb Clark
2nd Place: Blades of Color-Beth Rhodes/Mark and Joy Schilling
3rd Place: Dresden Sun-Bonnie Chovanetz/Miriam Hink
HM: Star Bursts-Kayleen Allen/Susan Boutwell
HM: Baby's in Black-Carolyn Bowden/Susan Corbett

204 Master Two-Person Appliqué Quilt
1st Place, Best of Show My: Baltimore Album-Sally Brown/Jackie Brown
2nd Place: Breath of Spring-JoAnne Sheppard/Mona Levingston
3rd Place, OSQE: A Better World-Leo Ransom/Richard Larson
HM: Down on the Farm Stands an Old Barn-Jolene Mershon/Susan Corbett

301 Art Quilt
1st Place: Century Plant at Big Bend-Jaye Dodds/Jaye Dodds
2nd Place: JOHN LENNON: "Hidden Notes"-Leo Ransom/Richard Larson
3rd Place: Chena River-Nancy Strain/Nancy Strain
HM: Ripples in the Sand-Jaye Dodds/Jaye Dodds
HM: Amish-ish-Jaye Dodds/Jaye Dodds
HM: Beauty and the Beasts-Pam Gantz/Pam Gantz

302 Modern Quilt - One Person
1st Place: Bow Ties & Blocks-Susan Boutwell/Susan Boutwell
2nd Place: Trinkets-Christine Atwell/Christine Atwell
3rd Place: Housing Development-Deanna Chronister/Deanna Chronister
HM: Earth, Wind & Fire-Lazara Abernathy/Lazara Abernathy

303 Modern Quilt - Two or More Person
1st Place: Into the Deep-Debbie Boice/Carol Hoes
2nd Place: Modern Medley-Linda Davis/Jenilee Autry
3rd Place: 8 Minutes Until Sunrise-Ramona Griffin/Angela McCorkle
HM: Striped Cat Life-Mary Beth McCormack/Susan Boutwell

304 Other/Mixed Techniques Quilt
1st Place: Sundress-Kathy Sibley/Mona Levingston
2nd Place: Snowflake Kisses-Debra Ware/Sabine Thompson
3rd Place: Symphony of Love-Ramona Griffin/Angela McCorkle
HM: Awash With Color-Rose Kauhane/Rose Kauhane
HM: My Splendid Sampler-Annelle Smith/Annelle Smith

305A Group Quilt-Appliqué
1st Place: Bunnies In The Garden-Libby McDuffie/Sabine Thompson
2nd Place: Seasonal Silhouettes-Mary Nelson/Thursday Quilters with Mary Lou Nelson
3rd Place: Mom's Garden-Lynda McGee/Lynda McGee
HM: Friends, Coffee and Strings-Bonnie Chovanetz/Miriam Hink

305B Group Quilt-Pieced
1st Place: Churning Circles-Melba Drennan/Melba Drennan
2nd Place: Counting Stars-Ramona Griffin/Angela McCorkle
3rd Place: Autumn Glory-Sharon Ligon/Carol Hoes
HM: Trippers and Nine Patches-Melba Drennan/Melba Drennan

306 Kits, Panels or Block of the Month - One Person Quilt
1st Place: Christmas Memories-Judy Faulkner/Judy Faulkner
2nd Place: Dear Jane Quilt-Ana Kempfer/Ana Kempfer
3rd Place: Dream Big-Miriam Hink/Miriam Hink
HM: Bee Happy-Janie Merritt/Janie Merritt

307A Kits, Panels or Block of the Month - Two or more Person Quilt - Medium
1st Place: Spectrum-Evelyn Banks/Janie Merritt
2nd Place: Double Blooms-Patricia Clancy/Darlene Ward
3rd Place: Blocks & Strips-Janice Mowery/Veronica Mowery
HM: Let it Snow Again-Mary Ann Thompson/Susan Corbett
HM: Blended-Judy Rose/Sheri Mecom

307B Kits, Panels or Block of the Month - Two or more Person Quilt - Large
1st Place: Victorian Baskets-Davene Hutchins/Mona Levingston
2nd Place: Libertyville-Linda McPherson/Sabine Thompson
3rd Place: Betty's Quilt-Lory Garrett/Delores Talbott
HM: Fall All Around-Linda Wyatt/Susan Corbett

309 Junior Quilt - Age up to 10
1st Place: Flight Of The Spirit-Elizabeth/Akins
2nd Place: Cheer Enthusist-Lila/Schneider
3rd Place: Sea turtle-Ethan/Wallace
HM: Girl Strip Quilt-Lyla/Gerber

310 Junior Quilt - Age 11-18
1st Place: A Wild Ride Home-Clarrisa/Staehle
2nd Place: Crazy Scrap Quilt-Jenna/Fellers
3rd Place: Row by Row 2017-Heavenlee/Weldon
HM: Easter Morning-Renee/Raschio
HM: Intergalactic-John/DeAngelis, Jr.

311 Junior Stitched Item - Age up to 10
1st Place: Lilac Unicorns-Rosie/Breclaw
2nd Place: Summer Shift & Jacket-Reagan/Wright
3rd Place: Drawstring Bag-Molly/Wright
HM: Puppy Paws-Landry/Schneider


312 Junior Stitched Item - Age 11 to 18
1st Place: Prom Dress-Trinity/LaFleur
2nd Place: Garden Bag-Renee/Raschio
3rd Place: Top and Pants-Trinity/LaFleur
HM: Patriotic box-Brynn/Thomason
HM: Daisy the Butterfly-Molly/Breclaw
HM: Shifting Liberty-Chioma/Ugwonali 





Judged Quilt Show

Feast your eyes on hundreds of stunning quilts brimming with artistry and creativity, competing for awards from accredited judges. All quilts have been entered by the talented members of six area quilt guilds, including: Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Irving Quilt Guild, Quilters' Guild of Arlington and Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild.


JUNIOR DIVISION for young makers ages 18 and under. Open to any textile project (as long as it’s sewn).



Quilt Auction

Take this opportunity to bid on your favorites from a plethora of charming, miniature quilts. Quilts will be labeled as to where the proceeds will go. Quilts can be viewed at the Expo prior to the auction. 



Quilt Guild Booths

Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild, Quilters’ Guild of Arlington and Irving Quilt Guild

Stop by the guild booths to meet local quilters, visit with old friends and make new ones! Learn about guild membership benefits and spend time enjoying camaraderie with others who love to sew and quilt. Each guild will be selling raffle tickets for their annual opportunity quilt. In addition, crib sized to bed sized finished quilts donated by guild members will be for sale. You can also purchase t-shirts, show pins and other memorabilia, as well as additional handmade items and project bags. 



Hundreds of quilts on display in the traveling gallery, classes and workshops, presentations, demonstrations, super prize drawing and more!

Thank you to these fine companies who provide continued support.