Display Gallery at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA

Display Gallery



SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates
Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between food and culture, featuring not only the bountiful gifts from nature, but a gift from the human hand. The art of preparing unique, delicate food is a tradition passed from generation to generation, around the world. Combining innovative ingredients, colors, textures, and flavors creates dishes pleasing to both the palette and the eye. saqa.com

Quilt Contest 2023 Collection

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Original Sewing & Quilt Expo's 2023 Quilt Contest was a spectacular exhibit showcasing fifty amazing quilts juried from talented quiltmakers across the country. The remarkable works of art represented a wide range of artistic skill and ability. Thousands in cash prizes and ribbons were awarded by Kathryn Zimmerman, NACQJ certified judge at the Expo in Lebanon, TN. Don’t miss this opportunity to see a collection of some of the inspiring and beautiful quilts! sewingexpo.com/Quilt-Contest



North Texas Quilt Festival 2023 Showcase

In conjunction with Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Peruse through this exhibit to view stunning, handpicked quilts from the North Texas Quilt Festival. These quilts were selected from over 350 contest quilts created by members of six North Texas guilds, including Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Irving Quilt Guild, Quilters' Guild of Arlington and Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild. Within this diverse exhibit, you will find quilts with many forms of inspiration and quilters' level of expertise. Come and be charmed as you discover the unique story each quilter has to tell. northtexasquiltfestival.com

Back in 1973

The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show    

Each year, The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show hosts a themed challenge. The Back in 1973 challenge takes quilters back in time. All quilts represent the fashion, pop culture, music, art, decorating styles, colors, childrens' toys and/or quilt designs from fifty years ago. quiltshow.com


Black & White + One

Handi Quilter

The colors black and white create a cinematic backdrop for a bright pop of color. In this fun, eclectic collection of quilts made by the Handi Quilter National Educators, the drama of beautiful quilting is highlighted by this classic combination of light and dark. All styles of contemporary quilting, from classic blocks to modern improv piecing are highlighted by the beautiful machine quilting from these expert quilters. handiquilter.com


Poetic Images Materialized
Carol Hancuh | SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates

Have you read a poem and immediately imagined the scene the poet was describing? If you could put that vision in a more permanent package, one you could return to many times, would that be good? I walked into Robert Frost’s poems for the first time in 49 years, and the visions from the poems were the same. It was time to make them permanent. That’s when I started quilting those visions. Then the poems started rushing at me. “Pick me, pick me”. And when this deluge of poems stopped, I knew I was done. These are my interpretations of poems that came to me. Enjoy them or dismiss them and keep your own visions. It’s good that words have become more than words.


Rainforest - Lives Endangered

Show of Hands | SAQA Florida Pod 3 North

Life on our planet faces the crisis of habitat loss and climate change. Some of the most vulnerable call the Rainforest home. No other place on Earth has such a variety of animals and plants. The loss of this fragile habitat will have profound effects on humanity. We urge you to be aware of this, and step softly on the Earth. The life you save may be your own. saqa.com


Modern Quilt Showcase
Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild (BNMQG)

Every year, Robert Kaufman Fabrics announces a Kona color of the year. Since 2018, the Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt Guild (BNMQG) members have been participating in a yearly mini quilt challenge. The intent of this challenge is to expand members’ use of modern design and techniques while creating an original 20” x 20” quilt using the Kona color of the year. This showcase includes a selection of quilts from 2022-Cosmos and 2023-Crush, highlighting the color of the year with negative space, improvisational piecing, alternate grids, and/or modern traditionalism. Guild members are currently working on their quilts for Kona’s 2024 color of the year – Julep. bnmqg.org


Art Quilts Inspired by...
Art Quilt Tribe Southeastern Virginia 2024

This exhibit is a display of art quilts created by a group of quilters from Southeastern Virginia called “Art Quilt Tribe,” each of which was inspired by the work of other (non-fiber) artists. Inspiration was derived from the following artists: Helen Frankenthaler, Edward Hopper, Vassily Kandinsky, Lee Krasner, Georgia O’Keefe, Lee Krasner, Morris Lewis, Mellini Art Glass & Mosaics, Joan Miro, Jackson Pollock, Lauren Roth, Queena Stovall, Vincent Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol. Each quilter interpreted the challenge in different ways, either “translating” a specific painting to fiber art or creating a quilt “in the style of” their chosen artist. The result is a tribute to 20th century artists as well as the added dimensions offered by different textures and patterns of fabric and stitching used in quilts. The quilts also demonstrate a variety of techniques including appliqué, painted fabric, beadwork, couching, in addition to piecing and free-motion quilting.


2024 Uhuru Tina Turner Tribute
Uhuru Quilters Guild

This exhibit is a tribute to the Queen of Rock N Roll, Tina Turner. Participants were challenged to interpret her songs, movies or style of dress using any quilting style or technique, e.g.,traditional, contemporary, improvisational, modern or fiber art.  Enjoy the quilts created in a widerange of interpretations in honor of Tina Turner.


Black & White Challenge
Fredericksburg Modern Quilt Guild


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