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If you are a returning Instructor, please notice the class proposal form and class detail forms are combined and updated.
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If you are selected to teach, you will be notified by email and receive a Letter of Agreement prior to the event launching online. If your event availablility changes, email info@sewingexpo.com with changes.


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Be sure your description contains some sizzle and lots of steak!

The Steak: Describe how students will benefit from the class information. List the concepts they will learn. Discuss what hurdles they will overcome. Define what students will leave knowing and what projects (if any) they will complete in class or at home.

The Sizzle: Share hints about your style. Reveal clues about your approach. Describe the atmosphere you will create in the classroom. Add color and adjectives to entice students to take your class!

Typically lectures are 60 or 90 minutes

Hands-on workshops are 90 minutes to 3 hours.

Select Class Length

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STUDENT KITS & SUPPLIES (if applicable)


Describe the fabric students should bring (if applicable)


Describe your kit contents that you prepare (if applicable)

Amount you require reimbursed per student



List everything the student needs to do before coming to class

(i.e., cut out pattern, wash fabric, cut fabric, etc.)

The Expo can provide some items for the students,

other items are provided by students or the instructor.

Select all items you request the Expo to provide

Sulky Brand Color Codes Only



Sulky Product name and amount needed per student

List any addtional feet needed in class here



List any special set-up needed for this class (i.e. need 2 sergers

in sewing room, need demo machine for instructor, or need a spray table).

A minimum of one photo is required with each Class Proposal for consideration. Choose a photo that best represents the class being proposed.


We will use Image 1 as the primary photo for website, email and social media promotion. Upload up to three additional photos showing samples with different fabric choices, close up stitching, or multiple angles, and so on.

Any photos submitted must be your own or a copyright-free image, or you must have written copyright permission to use the photos in Expo publicity related to this class, or any other purpose.

Only images with extensions of JPG, JPEG, PNG, or PDF are accepted (5.9 mb max per image)

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