New Orleans Utilities


Pontchartrain Center
Electric, Phone, Internet

 May 2, 3 & 4, 2024



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*Section I - Contact Information

*Section 2 - Electrical Service:


Advance Discount Prices are valid thru April 22, 2024

  • Discount Single 20amp circuit is $165 for event days, including setup day

Late Sign-up prices begin on April 23, 2024

  • Single 20amp circuit is $215 for event days


Section 3 - Communications

Wi-Fi Wireless Internet:

Pontchartrain Center has courtesy WIFI. Login instructions are shared at Exhibitor Check-in. Most wireless Hotspots and Mobile Phones can receive a decent signal in this venue. When venues are crowded with people however, all wireless communications may experience periods of spoty service.

Basic Wired Internet Service:

Available in advance only thru April 22, 2024

Wired Internet is $350 for the event days

Basic Telephone Service:

Available in advance only thru April 22, 2024

Telephone Service is $250 for the event days

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