Bring a friend to class, and you'll both get a FREE TICKET to the class session of your choice!*

If you've attended Original Sewing & Quilt Expo events before, then you know classes make the Expo experience much more satisfying. Your sewing will never be the same! It's easy to get a free class session when you introduce a friend to classes at the Expo. It's a $38 value!

Here's how the Bring-a-Friend Program works:
  1. Pre-register for at least one class. You will be given a Bring-a-Friend Code on your Order Confirmation.

  2. Give a friend who has not taken classes at the Expo before (or in the past 3 years) your Bring-a-Friend Code.

  3. Your friend then goes online or calls to pre-register for at least one class, and enters your Bring-a-Friend Code when registering.

  4. When your friend receives her class tickets, there will be two free class vouchers along with her order. She keeps one voucher and gives one to you.

  5. When you're at the Expo, look at the Class Availability posters near the Registration Desk. Choose the class you'd like to take and turn your voucher in at the Class Tickets counter for the actual class ticket. Each voucher is good for one free session and does not include any additional sessions or materials fees.

Things to remember:
  • The Bring-a-Friend program is only available during the pre-registration period.
  • When your friend calls or goes online to pre-register, your Bring-a-Friend code must be given at the time the order is placed; otherwise, vouchers will not be awarded.
  • Each voucher is good for one free class session, redeemable on-site at the Expo only.
  • Vouchers do not include any additional sessions or materials fees, but can be used towards the purchase of multi-session workshops.
  • Vouchers have no cash value.

Take a peek as two friends – Veteran Vicky and New Girl Nancy – get it right:

Vicky has been to the Expo before and just loves all the classes she takes. She goes online or calls and pre-registers for classes. Once her order is placed, Vicky receives her Bring-a-Friend code: MN-12345-12345.

Nancy has never taken classes at the Expo before, but wants to. Vicky gives Nancy her Bring-a-Friend Code (MN-12345-12345) from the order Vicky just placed.

Nancy goes online or calls and pre-registers for at least one class. She enters Vicky's Bring-a-Friend Code: MN-12345-12345.
When Nancy receives her tickets, she finds the two Bring-a-Friend vouchers among her other purchased class tickets. She keeps one and gives the other to Vicky.

When they come to the Expo, Nancy and Vicky choose classes they want to take at the Class Tickets counter. They exchange their vouchers for the actual class tickets and enjoy a session on us!
Questions? Call us at 800-699-6309

* Some restrictions apply.