Display Gallery

The latest exhibits from textile artists around the country are on display. Let your mind wander as your feet take you past art and traditional quilts and more.

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)
Deux parlant d’une seule voix: two speaking with one voice. This is the expression the Studio Art Quilt Associates artists have tried to capture visually in the Deux exhibition. Artists were asked to submit up to four works that best represented their artistic voice, an expression of the artist’s individuality spoken through technique, color palette, subject matter, materials, or a combination of all of the above. See how their individual voices truly shine through.

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)
Beneath the GeorgiaLina Skies
Challenged to create a quilt with South Carolina and/or Georgia on their minds, this diverse group of artists stepped up and delivered a broad and dynamic interpretation of the theme. The proud members of the local Atlanta-area SAQA chapter are delighted to share this display showcasing their talent, inspired by local vistas and experiences.

Quilt as Desired
Curated by Mary Kerr
Join Mary Kerr on a Quilt Walk Friday and Saturday at 11:45

Vintage tops have been "Quilted as Desired" by some of the best long arm quilters in the business. This display has taken unremarkable vintage tops and created something magical! Enjoy this unique marriage of the old and new as the lines that divide the quilt worlds become blurred. www.MaryWKerr.com

Doorway Series
Artist Statement - Marlene Glickman
A doorway was created for the Roots of Racism: Ignorance and Fear show. I loved making a fabric artwork that people could take part in while it hung. Then while making collages as a daily design challenge for a year following the color wheel I found myself sketching all styles and shapes of doorways in my journal. When I had the time, I decided to do each color as large scale doorways so people could walk through them and be a part of the artwork. Getting other involved in the process of creativity is a passion with me. The five you will see at the Expo are the beginning of that series.

Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt-Along

Join Ebony Love on a Quilt Walk Saturday at 1:15
It’s no mystery that Downton Abbey is the hottest TV series followed by millions of loyal viewers. While waiting for the new series to start in January, Ebony Love of Love Bug Studios hosted an online Mystery Quilt Along for Downton Abbey fans.

Using Andover’s Downton Abbey fabric line, featuring collections for Lady Mary, Lady Sybil, Lady Edith and, of course, the Dowager herself, quilters from all over the world created spectacular quilts and vied for great prizes. The quilt blocks themselves were the mystery! Quilters didn’t know exactly what results would be until the very end – just like the tangled story lines on the show!

See the results, and get inspired to create that Downton Abbey elegance and intrigue in a quilt for your home or to give to your favorite Downton Abbey fanatic.

Sizzix Shape-Cutting Machines & Dies
Join Ebony Love on a Quilt Walk Thursday at 11:45
Whether you’re new to quilting or you’re more experienced, Sizzix Big Shot Machines and Dies make quilting & appliqué faster and easier than ever. Sizzix dies cut with precision for many years of use with no sharpening ever required. Create the shapes you want most from everything from silk and cotton to denim and wool – even up to 8 layers at once! (Quantity of layers to cut determined by thickness, fabric and intricacy of shape.) Explore the impressive array of projects and discover the difference Sizzix can make with your creativity. To learn more, visit Sizzix.com.

Chicago Modern Quilt Guild 
This year's guild challenge for the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild was "The Seasons." Members were assigned a season of the year and had 3 months to create an original modern quilt. Guest judges from the Modern Movement, John Adams, Cherri House, Faith Jones, Sarah Nishiura, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, and guild members voted on the best of our amazing creations. The winning quilts were photographed and are part of our guild's 16 month calendar. We are honored for you to see not only the winners, but all the amazing quilts in person.

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Staff Quilts
Designed and made by members of the Fons & Porter editorial team, each quilt in this collection has been featured in a recent issue of Love of Quilting, Easy Quilts, Scrap Quilts or Quilting Quickly. Every member of the editorial team is a dedicated quilter who loves to design and make quilts for the many publications you love from Fons & Porter. Patterns are available for all of the quilts in this collection.

Fons & Porter’s Quilting Quickly Quilts – Pre-Cut Strips and Squares
Recently featured in Quilting Quickly, these dynamic, colorful quilts are made from pre-cut strips and squares, to speed up the construction process for the busy quilter. The quilts in this collection were all designed and made by devoted quilters from the Keepsake Quilting staff and members of the Fons & Porter editorial team. You can make one, too! Patterns are available for each quilt. And you can see how easy they are to make on the free video tutorials available at Video.FonsandPorter.com.

One Pattern, Many Voices
Curated by Loretta Phipps, ASG Chapter President
From the NC – Western North Carolina ASG Chapter comes this exciting exhibit to tickle the imagination and make us think about using a pattern as a jumping off point...a suggestion of what can be made. Each look started with the Java Jacket Pattern from Diane Ericson; each has been altered/adjusted/re-invented, and the results run the gamut from ordinary to quite extraordinary.