Special Events

Meet and create with your favorite personalities, legends and superstars from the nation’s top quilting magazines, TV shows, e-media sites and blogs. See what they’ve been up to, as they share what’s coming up, and all that’s new in quilting – LIVE!

Conversations: Fons & Porter
A special event with Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, hosted by Mary Fons
Join Marianne and Liz as they tell stories and reminisce about their years of quiltmaking, business-building, kid-raising and more at this greatly anticipated luncheon event. Hosted by Mary Fons, Editor of Quilty Magazine (who knows some of the best behind-the-scenes stories), you'll journey to the past, review today's quiltmaking trends and look toward the future. Lunch included: Spinach salad with strawberries, candied pecans, gorgonzola, citrus vinaigrette; Herb marinated breast of chicken, pappardelle pasta, sun dried tomato cream; Chocolate pecan tart with salted caramel and fresh whipped cream
Friday, September 12     11:00am – 12:30pm
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Go Tell It …. 
with Jodie Davis of QNNtv.com and Quilt Alliance Board Member 

Imagine the satisfaction of having a permanent record of a special piece in your own words, and the fun you’ll have viewing other quiltmakers’ stories, too. These short quilt-and-owner interviews comprise the Quilt Alliance’s newest program for documenting and preserving the stories of our quilts, and YOU can become part of it – in just a few minutes – at Quilting LIVE!

Become a permanent part of quilt history – your three minutes will eventually be uploaded to the Quilt Alliance’s YouTube channel to share with the quilt world, and excerpts just might show up on our website, too.

This is for EVERYONE who has a little or big story about a quilt – whether you made it, received it as a gift or bought it. It’s the story that counts!
Bring your quilt (or quilts) to the Quilt Alliance booth #626 on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Jodie will record your 3-minute Go Tell It story between 11am-12pm or 2pm-3pm that day.

Label It! with Quilt Alliance
Don't let the history of your quilt fade away! The Quilt Alliance labeling kit is the solution. The national Label It! project is sponsored by the Quilt Alliance partners at Moda, Spoonflower and stkr.it, who support the Alliance’s mission to encourage all quilters and quilt owners to document their quilts.

Let the Quilt Alliance members help you get started at Quilting LIVE! with a complete kit that includes 8 sew-on cotton quilt labels, a permanent fine-tip fabric marker and an instruction and idea card for quilt labeling. While supplies last, they’ll also have a sample of StoryPatches, a QR code quilt label for you.
Go to the Quilt Alliance booth #626 on Thursday, Friday or Saturday anytime from 10:30am-5pm to make your label. It will be fun!

Book Signings
Meet with some of your favorite authors and quiltmakers and see their latest books!


Jean Ann Quilts Booth #515
Debby Kratovil  11:45-12:30

Book Signing Area (front of Exhibit Hall)
Linda Lee 11:00-11:30
Mary Kerr  12:30-1:00
Cyndi Souder  2:30-3:00 
Vicki Pignatelli  3:30-4:00 
Nancy Mahoney  4:00-4:30
Victoria Findlay-Wolfe  4:30-5:00

Jean Ann Quilts Booth #515
Debby Kratovil  11:45-12:30

Book Signing Area (front of Exhibit Hall)
Linda Lee 11:00-11:30
Victoria Findlay Wolfe  11:30-12:00
Debby Kratovil  11:45-12:30
Mary Kerr  3:00-3:30
Vicki Pignatelli  3:30-4:00
Mary Fons  4:30-5:00
Nancy Mahoney  5:00-5:30

Book Signing Area (front of Exhibit Hall)
Mary Fons  11:30-12:00
Mary Kerr  1:00-1:30
Linda Lee  1:30-2:00
Vicki Pignatelli  3:30-4:00
Cyndi Souder  4:00-4:30