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The latest exhibits from textile artists around the country are on display. Let your mind wander as your feet take you past art and traditional quilts and more.

Sharon Schamber: The Evolution of a Master
This exhibit illustrates the evolution of a gifted artist as she turned her considerable talents to quilting as a form of expression. Sharon Schamber began her remarkable quilting journey in 2000 beginning with traditional quilts, and quickly moved on to creating original designs. With her extensive knowledge of machines and how fabric works, she has taken quilting and traditional patterns to a whole new level.

Sharon is passionate about quilting and how it transforms a top, and she creates amazing quilts that showcase this love of pattern. Her enthusiasm for this art form, coupled with her unending imagination and technical knowledge, have transformed the quilting industry over the last 14 years. Because of her pioneering spirit, she has developed techniques and tools used throughout the industry and that have elevated the quality of work being done today.

Eternal Sapphire Star   2000
This quilt came about as a challenge to herself. Sharon wanted to explore working with the color blue. Blue isn’t a focal color she uses often, so she wanted to challenge herself to work with it so she could have a greater appreciation for all the color has to offer.

Wind River Majesty   2000
This stunning quilt was made as a gift for Sharon’s husband, Gene. Born and raised in Wyoming, Gene has a passion for the great outdoors and the beauty and strength within it. The jumping elk, the flowing river, and the delectable mountain pattern are an homage to his home state and his deep love and appreciation for it.

Memories of Emerald Reflections   2001
This quilt is a recreation of a quilt that Sharon lost in a UPS truck fire. She created the original piece as a tribute to the career she had as a couture fashion designer before turning her attention to quilt making.

Sacajawea   2003
This portrait-style quilt was Sharon’s entry into the 2003 Lewis and Clark exhibit, sponsored by American Quilters Society. The quilt features a portrait of Sacajawea and highlights the amazing journey she took with Louis and Clark as they explored the Louisiana territory from 1804-1806.

Windblown Acanthus   2004
This bold and fanciful quilt was inspired by an amazing batik fabric that her husband Gene gave Sharon as a gift. Using the fabric as a leaping off point, Sharon created as elaborate floral design that showcases the exuberant quality of the fabric, and gives it the attention it deserves.

Arizona Calling   2005
This beautifully detailed quilt was created as a celebration of Sharon’s return to her home state of Arizona. It is also the first quilt she quilted on her new longarm. It features whimsical coneflowers and elaborate dimensional butterflies and Drunkard’s Path blocks. The 3-dimensional butterflies were created and quilted separately, then appliquéd to the quilt.

Spin Dancer   2007
This quilt was created as an exploration into different color combinations. Sharon loves to experiment with color and traditional patterns. Being a huge fan of the traditional block, she chose to feature it in combination with machine appliqué in this dramatic quilt.

Belief, Intuition & Faith   2011
This quilt is the result of collaboration with fellow quilter Gail Thomas. Sharon believes it’s exciting, challenging and important to collaborate with other artists. Working with another creative person is a great a way of expanding your vision of what is possible. Sharon feels that the challenges and successes of collaborating with someone else can push us to be greater than we thought we were capable of. When people can combine their separate visions into a cohesive whole, there is something in that melding that elevates each individual’s abilities.

Gypsy   2012
This quilt was created as part of Sharon’s ongoing exploration into the magical world of machine embroidery. Sharon feels she is only at the beginning stages in understanding the potential of machine embroidery and how it can be used as a tool to create quilts like no one has ever seen before.

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Staff Quilts
Designed and made by members of the Fons & Porter editorial team, each quilt in this collection has been featured in a recent issue of Love of Quilting, Easy Quilts, Scrap Quilts or Quilting Quickly. Every member of the editorial team is a dedicated quilter who loves to design and make quilts for the many publications you enjoy, learn and create from Fons & Porter. Patterns are available for all of the quilts in this collection.

Pre-Cut Strips and Squares: Quilting Quickly!
Recently featured in Fons and Porter’s Quilting Quickly, these dynamic, colorful quilts were all designed and made by devoted quilters from the Keepsake Quilting staff and members of the Fons & Porter editorial team from pre-cut strips and squares. They’ve certainly provided a wonderful collection, and you can stitch one up yourself! Patterns are available for each, and FREE video tutorials are available at Video.FonsandPorter.com. Their creativity is inspiring!

Chicago Modern Quilt Guild 
This year's guild challenge for the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild was "The Seasons." Members were assigned a season of the year and had 3 months to create an original modern quilt. Guest judges from the Modern Movement, John Adams, Cherri House, Faith Jones, Sarah Nishiura, Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, and guild members voted on the best of our amazing creations. The winning quilts were photographed and are part of our guild's 16 month calendar. We are honored for you to see not only the winners, but all the amazing quilts in person.

Downton Abbey Quilt Along

It’s no mystery that Downton Abbey is the hottest TV series followed by millions of loyal viewers. While waiting for the new series to start in January, Ebony Love of Love Bug Studios hosted an online Mystery Quilt Along for Downton Abbey fans.

Using Andover’s Downton Abbey fabric line, featuring collections for Lady Mary, Lady Sybil, Lady Edith and, of course, the Dowager herself, quilters from all over the world created spectacular quilts and vied for great prizes. The quilt blocks themselves were the mystery! Quilters didn’t know exactly what results would be until the very end – just like the tangled story lines on the show!

See the results, and get inspired to create that Downton Abbey elegance and intrigue in a quilt for your home or to give to your favorite Downton Abbey fanatic.

Sizzix Discovery Gallery
Die cutting multiple layers of quilt pieces and appliqué shapes can open new design horizons and speed up the creation and cutting process. Quilt artists from around the nation used Sizzix dies to create a spectacular array designs and patterns, with accuracy and intricacy, using a variety of fabric types. With die cutting, the quilt artist is not limited to just quilting cotton and can confidently move in new directions with other fabrics like silk, denim and wool, adding interest and impact to their quilts. To learn more, visit Sizzix.com.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge from NYC MOD Quilt Guild
With guild member Victoria Findlay-Wolfe’s recent obsession with a more modern take on the traditional Double Wedding Ring pattern permeating the air, guild members took up the challenge and created stunning interpretations of the DWR – some single rings, many doubles, all interesting and wonderful artistic inspiration.

Metaphors on Aging from SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates)
Aging affects everyone in many different ways. Through the use of a wide variety of visual metaphors, these works show the impact of aging on our lives: three generations sharing a cup of tea, a decaying leaf, an empty chair. These poignant images draw you in and challenge assumptions about aging.

Inspired By...
Quilt Alliance Contest Quilts 2014
Want to buy a fine little quilt for pleasure and help a good cause at the same time? Then you’ll want to take a tour of the Quilt Alliance auction quilts and jot down your favorites. The Quilt Alliance’s annual contest and auction help support their mission to document, preserve and share the stories of all quilts and all quiltmakers.

This year’s competition, “Inspired by …..” sent makers to The Quilt Index or the Quilters' S.O.S.- Save Our Stories (Q.S.O.S.) seeking a quilt to use as inspiration for their own 16” contest quilts.

See just how fantastic a small quilt can be when 92 of them are on display at Quilting LIVE!

The Grand Prize winner will be announced on Mark Lipinski’s radio show, Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski on June 25th. Members’ choice awards will be announced on the show a week later – July 2nd.

Stitch Magazine's Downton Modern
Downton Abbey is a drama filled with opulence, a family saga that plays out its days in regal attire and stunning settings. These glamorous garments let you feel like you've just stepped onto the set of Downton Abbey, while being contemporary interpretations of early Twentieth Century style.

Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy
Join Mary Kerr on a Quilt Walk: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1:00
Mary Kerr is proud to present a collection of 32 art quilts that reflect individual expressions of dance and joy. Artists were challenged to create an 18” x 30” inch quilt that reflected the theme, “Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy.” Each created their own personal version that told their own unique story. Some quilters found joy in those happy memories with family. Some expressed their joy in overcoming steep obstacles. Others created a quilt to express support for social causes. Still others simply wanted to share the joy they feel when dancing. Each has a story to tell. The quilts in this exhibit, plus more, will be included in Mary’s new book, Dare to Dance Art Quilts (Schiffer 2014).

Embroidered Clothing from Penny Muncaster-Jewell