Worcester, MA

Bobbin Work Mastery
Teacher: Cindy Losekamp
Thursday, September 12, 2019
8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Code(s): A 2X
DCU Center
Pre-Registration Closed
Pricing Information
Session Value: 2
Price Per Session (before discount): $19.00
Materials Fee: $25.00

Have you been curious about how to use heavy threads in the bobbin case of your machine, but just weren’t sure how to do it? Cindy is a master at the technique of bobbin work and will share all the tips and fool-proof methods she uses, so you can become a master, too. Any type of work, whether it is appliqué, free motion or hooped embroidery will be enhanced by using these textural threads for depth and dimension. Truly, the effect can’t be equaled with ordinary embroidery thread. While working from the wrong side of the garment, with beautiful, thick decorative threads in the bobbin case, the beauty will remain hidden – until you turn it over. This is so much fun, and so easy! You won’t believe the comments you get on your finished work! Plus, you’ll get Cindy’s help to take home with you on a DVD, so you won’t forget a thing! Learn techniques you will use for years to come in this fun and fantastic class. 


  • Category(ies): Embellishment, Surface Design, Stretch Your Creativity
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