Runway Fashion Shows you can sew! Take a break from shopping and get a look at dozens of fashions from independent pattern designers while live models walk the runway on the Expo Stage. FREE with your General Admission ticket.

Coloring Book of Style Fashion Show
Linda Lee of The Sewing Workshop

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to looking fabulous. And no one does timeless style better than The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection. Featuring beautiful fabrics in stunning color themes, this showcase of chic fashions will challenge you to rethink how you dress and what you sew. See the latest carefree combinations of daring fabrics, textures and patterns in layers that drape and shape. Linda will show how to read the trends and fit today’s concepts into real wearables for you.
Thursday at 12:00 on the Expo Stage

Fringe, Color, & Original Designs
Ursuline College

Fringe Fashions: Ursuline college fashion textile students were inspired by the rich history of fashion represented in 20th Century American designs to create fringe inspired outfits. Under the directions of Dr. Connie Korosec, professor and chair, students manipulated fringe using their imagination and exceptional mastery to create one-of-a-kind designs.

Ursuline College Historic Costume Study Collection – Color: Ursuline Historic Costume Study Collection contains almost 4,000 21st century pieces including designs from Bob Mackie, Adele Simpson, Bill Blass, Pauline Trigere, Adolfo, Escada, Christian Dior, Pamela Dennis and Emilio Pucci to name a few. It has been said, apparel is a vehicle for personal expression and has long reflected the political, economic, and social reflection of society during a particular period. The apparel that we have worn throughout history provided insight into our lives and activates. Ursuline College proudly presents Color in celebration of Original Sewing and Quilt Expo’s 20th anniversary celebration. “We have the Best Closet in Cleveland” – Dr. Constance Korosec

Original Designs: Ursuline College fashion program students utilized the skills they learned from coursework in apparel construction, draping, and flat pattern classes to create their outfits seen on the runway. Both merchandising and fashion design students start their studies with two courses in Susan Power’s apparel construction courses. Design majors continue with Jennifer Knaus’ bridge course of patternmaking fundamentals and then on to draping and flat pattern. All while learning to design, fit, and construct garments to a customer. In this section you will see work from the beginner sewer who has altered commercial patterns to the more advanced students who have draped their original design on a dress form.
Saturday at 12:00 on the Expo Stage