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The latest exhibits from textile artists around the country are on display. Let your mind wander as your feet take you past art and traditional quilts and more.

Be Creative! Quilt Challenge
from Quilters Newsletter, Quiltmaker, McCall's Quilting and Keepsake Quilting
The Be Creative! Quilt Challenge tested quiltmakers’ design skills by requiring quilts be made with a specially created bundle of fabrics by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham. The fabric bundle was available exclusively from Keepsake Quilting. Quilters were also allowed to add up to three additional fabrics, and all quilts needed to finish at 56˝-60˝ x 68˝-72˝. The results were impressive. Many quilters stepped outside their comfort zones in terms of color and fabric design to participate in this contest, but they were up to the challenge!  quiltersnewsletter.com

Tom Korn: Honoring Military Service
Through Quilts

sponsored by Quilters Newsletter
Tom Korn is a U.S. Navy veteran who took up quilting after his distinguished military service and career as an electrical contractor. His service ribbon quilts are replicas of military service ribbons and are simply pieced, each 45 inches long and 15 inches tall. Quilt collector Bill Volckening described the first Tom Korn quilt he saw as "a quintessential expression of patriotism and modernism, elegant and poignant. It was one of the most simple quilts in terms of design, but one of the most complicated in terms of content and meaning." Tom Korn volunteers his services to longarm Quilts of Valor quilts and in 2015 was awarded a Quilt of Valor of his own.

From Tom: I retired from the electrical trade in August 2012 and moved back to Salem, Oregon to be near my eleven siblings. Most of my sisters are quilters and they tried to get me to start quilting, but for a few months I didn't have much direction. One day I was looking at the "Medals of America" website (I'm a Vietnam Vet) and thought it would be cool to do some campaign ribbons as quilts. I figured a good size (40 x larger than the actual ribbon) and scaled the "National defense Service Ribbon","Vietnam Service Ribbon" and the "Vietnam Service Ribbon". I sewed these three together and entered them as one quilt in the Oregon State Fair and won my very first blue ribbon for innovation. I then picked 17 others from various wars and conflicts. The "Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon" I gave to a niece on her return from her deployment. The "Airforce Commendation" went to a brother-in-law. To me these ribbons represent the sacrifices, some the" supreme sacrifice" that men and women paid for this great country.

Up for the Challenge
Fons & Porter Editors
The Editors at Fons & Porter like variety in their quilting patterns, color selection and fabric collections. While they like a good quick quilt with instant gratification, there are some who dare to explore a bit more complex quilts and love to be challenged, like some of these quilts featuring Fons & Porter template sets. No matter what the quilt, it’s always fun to see the end result and how the design and fabric goes together. It’s even better when readers like them and want to make one for themselves! fonsandporter.com

Celebrating Silver
Exhibit sponsored by Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc.
As part of SAQA’s 25th Anniversary, they are Celebrating Silver. Silver is indispensable. From industrial use to decoration, technology, photography and medicine, its unique properties of strength, malleability, reflectivity and conductivity make it an irreplaceable force in the global market. In addition to its physical properties, silver is recognized as a symbol of love and commitment for twenty-five years together.

Juror and SAQA founder Yvonne Porcella selected 35 artists to create works specifically for this exhibition. Their interpretations have given an impressive collection of works that embrace the meanings and properties of silver. Porcella notes, “In the last quarter of the twentieth century, quilts were removed from the bed and hung on walls of museums and galleries. This dramatic shift in placement led to changes in the size and shape of a quilt. Artists who chose to work within the genre of quilts began to invent their own decorative surfaces, whether designing a new geometry or creating their own graphically exciting work in fiber. Instead of relying on a traditional block pattern to identify a quilt, art quilts were recognized by the quilt’s title, the maker’s name, and the artistic concept and design originality. Techniques new to the 21st century dominated the entries—use of electronic manipulation, painting, dyeing, texture within the fabric, copious use of machine threads, photography—yet there was also a link to tradition with piecing and hand stitching."  saqa.com

Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy
Mary Kerr
Join Mary Kerr on a Quilt Walk Thursday at 10:30 and Friday at 11:00
Mary Kerr is proud to present a collection of 32 art quilts that reflect individual expressions of dance and joy. Artists were challenged to create an 18” x 30” inch quilt that reflected the theme, “Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy.” Each created their own personal version that told their own unique story. Some quilters found joy in those happy memories with family. Some expressed their joy in overcoming steep obstacles. Others created a quilt to express support for social causes. Still others simply wanted to share the joy they feel when dancing. Each has a story to tell. The quilts in this exhibit, plus more, are included in Mary’s book, Dare to Dance Art Quilts (Schiffer 2014).  marywkerr.com

Along the Spice Route

Curated by Ann Reardon and Paula Golden
Returning crusader knights brought with them treasure chests not filled with jewels, but cinnamon, ginger, and peppercorns. The story of spices, some 5000 years old, is also the history of trade and commerce. The American continent would not have been discovered as early had it not been for the European desire to break the Arab traders' spice monopoly.

“Along the Spice Route” features 41 wall quilts depicting artistic interpretations of spices that refine modern cuisine. The exhibit offers an opportunity to discover the spices’ countries of origin, the importance of ancient trade routes, and the lasting connections between the world’s cultural heritages.  paulagolden.com

Fall Leaves Quilt Challenge

Courtesy of Quilt Expo, produced by Wisconsin Public Television with Nancy Zieman in Madison, Wisconsin
Open to all quilters, regardless of style or aesthetic and after being juried, judged by NQA certified judges, the challenge is to use the colors of Fall in Wisconsin.

The Threads Challenge Meets Rae Cumbie

Each year, Threads Magazine has issued a challenge to the members of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals. Since the challenge began, Rae Cumbie has accepted the challenge each year, moving her sewing and design skills up a notch by creating an ensemble that reflects the challenge theme.

We are pleased to present a gallery exhibit of Rae’s challenge creations. She has hand selected her favorites including the award winning Little Black Dress. Learn more about the garments and the challenge process in her class that includes a guided tour: Stretching: A Little Challenge Takes You A Long Wayraecumbie.com