Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing

Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing


An extraordinary retreat experience...

Enjoy a unique retreat-style experience that blends the love of sewing, serging and machine embroidery with friendships, skill-building and business opportunity – all gathered into one spectacular experience at any of the Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Retreats. Then, share it with others! Whether you are creating for your own personal satisfaction, making items to sell or teaching others these valuable techniques, the Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Retreats deliver an incredible experience and value.


Who should consider attending?

You should, if you want to spend time with others who love sewing, machine embroidery or serging as much as you do, have a desire to enhance skills, add a ready-to-teach collection of exclusive projects to your business and/or distinguish yourself as a top-tier educator.

Enjoy learning the best techniques using the finest fabrics, threads, laces and embellishments, individually guided by the world’s foremost sewing faculty. You can use what you learn for your own sewing – becoming better and more confident doing what you love always delivers immense personal satisfaction. Moreover, when you become a Martha Pullen Licensed Teacher, you’ll be recognized throughout the sewing industry as a premier sewing instructor. Both are possible when you attend a Teacher Licensing Retreat.

How will you spend your days?
Sewing, sewing, sewing! There’s also laughing, sharing, learning, growing and creating ….. all the wonderful things that happen when you’re part of a well-planned, learning-rich retreat.

Moreover, the days you spend with others as passionate about fine sewing and creating gorgeous projects will be remembered for a lifetime. Your Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing faculty is the most machine-and-technique savvy group around, and they are extraordinarily generous with their knowledge. They’re in the classroom along with many skilled assistants, making sure you’ll have artistic and construction advice along with technical help whenever you want it. Each day teachers introduce a new set of projects, as they highlight and demonstrate new techniques. As your questions are answered throughout the days, you’ll receive individualized support and have lots of time to sew every day.

What will you receive when you enroll?
Each licensing retreat features a set of unique kits and projects. Of course, you may see favorite techniques repeated from project-to-project or from licensing-to-licensing, but the projects – complete with the finest details – are unique to their own Licensing curriculum. You’ll receive materials for more than 20 different projects – each in a beautifully packaged kit containing the fabrics and all the unique items necessary to complete them.

For those licensing curriculums that include machine embroidery designs, you also receive embroidery files of the multi-formatted designs for all embroideries used in that curriculum, and a collection of threads, including all colors needed for the embroideries as companions for the kits.

The techniques used in the licensing curriculum are generic, meaning that any brand of machine can be used. You can sign up for any licensing event at any time, and you do not have to take the classes in any particular order. Roman numerals in a licensing title merely indicate the project collection in that particular curriculum. In other words, Serger II would be a different curriculum (and project collection) than Serger III.

Your enrollment also includes your hotel room (on a shared basis with an option to upgrade to a single if you wish), snacks, all lunches, many dinners and more.

What about the curriculum?
You’ll receive the exclusive, ready-to-teach curriculum, for which you will co-own the copyright along with Martha Pullen Company forever. You can either make the projects for sale without limit or, if you are teaching, you can copy the project instructions for your students. Only students licensed for a particular curriculum can sell or teach these special projects.

If you have no plans to use these projects for business, that’s OK too! You’ll have the ability to create unique, superbly designed gifts with confidence, and use the techniques you’ve learned in all your other sewing. There is no substitute for having the confidence to tackle any project you like – and that’s what you get when you attend a Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Retreat.

Remember, once licensed, you never have to return for re-certification. But, you may have so much fun that you will want to come back for more licensing collections.

Who else will be there?
Students from all over the country come to licensing retreats to explore new sewing, machine embroidery and serging skills, to add a ready-to-teach collection of projects and curriculum to their teaching business, or simply to spend quality time with others who also love sewing and serging.

In fact, many of the people who join our licensing programs have no plans to start a business, but an intense desire to gain in-depth sewing information, and take home limited edition patterns and projects.

Step beyond the ordinary and experience the extraordinary, then share your sewing joy with others! Attend a Martha Pullen Teacher Licensing Retreat!

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