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Stroll through aisles of quilts, including contemporary, traditional, art and modern works by artists from across the country. Join guided quilt walks through selected galleries, hosted by quilting personalities whose work is featured in the collections.


Dusk to Dawn
SAQA – Studio Art Quilt Associates
When the sun dips below the horizon, the world changes: the trees are lit by the silvery light of the moon, and warm lamps glow in a child's room as they listen to a bedtime story. Owls and bats take to the sky for their evening meals, while other animals curl up safely in their dens. A collection of abstract nightscapes, animal portraits, and other nighttime observations, Dusk to Dawn offers a glimpse of the mysterious world that emerges when darkness arrives.


HERstory Quilts: A Celebration of Strong Women
Susanne Miller Jones, Curator
You studied history. Come and view HERstory. Throughout history women struggled to have a voice and we got it in the USA in 1920, the right to vote. Let’s celebrate the amazing things that women everywhere have accomplished since then. We all have women that we admire who are courageous, intelligent and ground-breakers.

This exhibit, by 84 artists from seven countries, includes tributes to women well known to us, as well as those who worked behind the scenes. These quilts celebrate strong women who cracked glass ceilings and those who made discoveries. Women who shook the world by breaking into fields previously reserved for men are commemorated, as are those who were the first to do something before any man. Art quilts honor athletes, authors, artists, aviators and astronauts, business leaders, educators, entertainers, mathematicians, scientists, writers, and world leaders.



OURstory Quilts: Human Rights Stories in Fabric
Susanne Miller Jones, Curator
In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which had been drafted by a committee chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt. It delineated the rights to which all humans in all countries should be entitled. Forty-six artists from six countries created this collection of 62 art quilts based on those rights. This poignant collection includes quilts celebrating the heroes who fought for rights long denied to various groups of people as well as the events that drew the attention of news media as well as the public. Personal stories round out the collection. Viewers will be moved and encouraged.



Log Cabin Quilt Challenge
Presented by Quilt Expo
Visit this exhibit showcasing beautiful Log Cabin quilts from Wisconsin's Quilt Expo 2019. View traditional log cabin quilt blocks and modern interpretations on this beloved classic patchwork design! See how quilters put their own unique spin on this year’s Quilt Challenge, creating remarkable works of art from one of the earliest documented quilt blocks.



Paradigm Quilters: INSPIRED
PARADIGM is a group of artists from southeast Michigan dedicated to the concept of the quilt as art. Most members are professional artists – teaching, lecturing or selling their work. Members meet regularly to share ideas, critique each other’s work, and organize group projects and exhibitions. For this challenge, members were to make pieces centered on the theme "Inspired.” Riffing off other groups of artists who have created exhibitions based on a round robin of inspiration, where the first artist makes something which inspires the work of the second artist, which inspires the work of the third artist, and so on.  



Paradigm Quilters: Marcia Derse Fabric Challenge
PARADIGM is a group of artists from southeast Michigan dedicated to the concept of the quilt as art. Most members are professional artists – teaching, lecturing or selling their work. Members meet regularly to share ideas, critique each other’s work, and organize group projects and exhibitions. This challenge was inspired by a rich fabric designed by Marcia Derse called “Treasure Hunt”. Each quilt had to be 34"x34" and had to incorporate at least 12 square inches of the Marcia Derse fabric.
The result is a group of twelve quilts, unique and original in design. It showcases the wide range of talent and different styles of the group.



Best of North Texas Quilt Festival
In conjunction with Original Sewing & Quilt Expo

Curated by Kaye Koler

Peruse through this exhibit to view stunning, handpicked quilts from the North Texas Quilt Festival. These quilts were selected from over 350 contest quilts created by members of six North Texas guilds, including Bear Creek Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, Fort Worth Quilt Guild, Irving Quilt Guild, Quilters' Guild of Arlington and Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild. Within this diverse exhibit, you will find quilts with many forms of inspiration and quilters' level of expertise. Come and be charmed as you discover the unique story each quilter has to tell.



Inspired by Endangered Species

Curated by Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto

This magnificent collection of 182 art quilts was inspired by the quote from Jim Fowler’s Wild Kingdom, “The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. Our challenge for the future is that we realize we are very much a part of the earth’s ecosystem, and we must learn to respect and live according to the basic biological laws of nature.”



"Ice Dyed Baby” Challenge
Handi Quilter
The “Ice Dyed Baby” Challenge features ice-dyed fabric from Debra Linker, Texas. Handi Quilter commissioned her to create 50 unique pieces that were offered to Handi Quilter educators to quilt in a way to emphasize the symmetry of the mandala design. All quilts were finished with a faced edge, rather than an attached binding. They have been featured in American quilting magazines and have hung in the Handi Quilter Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Cosplay Display
See a selection of costumes on display at the Expo by amazing Cosplayers and Designers. Featuring:
Kristie Good aka Karmada Cosplay
Emily aka Luna Lady of Light Cosplay
Casey Renee aka Casey Renee Cosplay
Cheryl Sleboda aka SewMuchCosplay

Click here for more info on Cosplay at the Expo.


Join a guided costume walk, hosted by Cosplay personalities whose work is featured in the collections.
Cheryl Sleboda of Sew Much Cosplay:  Friday at 11:15  |  Saturday at 12:30
Kristie Good of Karmada Arts: 
Saturday at 11:45



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