Temari: A Special Gift of Friendship - 3/8/2024 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Atlanta, GA

Temari: A Special Gift of Friendship
Teacher: Jill McCloy
Friday, March 8, 2024
1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Code(s): K147, L163, M179 Hands on Workshop
Atlanta - Gas South Convention Center
Registration Full Check at Expo for availability
Pricing Information
Session Value: 4
Price Per Session (before discount): $29.00
Materials Fee: $17.00

Embark on a creative journey with Temari, where the name itself, meaning hand ball, encapsulates the simplicity and beauty of this traditional art form. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Temari as you witness the allure of numerous artistic variations. Guided by Jill, you will craft a timeless masterpiece using a traditional base of rice hulls (provided), intertwined with yarn and thread.  


In this hands-on experience, precision takes the lead as metallic thread effortlessly divides your creation into sections, later adorned with the elegant touch of pearl cotton. The magic lies in the simplicity of the technique, yielding results that are nothing short of lovely.


While stitching, unravel the fascinating history of Temari, adding depth and context to each careful stitch. As your masterpiece takes shape, Jill will share several display ideas to showcase your beautiful work.


Join us for an afternoon of relaxation and productivity, where inspiration meets the art of stitching. And here is a little secret – the joy of Temari extends beyond the final stitch, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and a timeless piece of art to cherish.




  • Student Maximum: 20 (0 seats left)
  • Category(ies): Accessories, Machine Embroidery, Just for Fun, Crafting, Gift Items, Embellishment, Creative Connection, Surface Design
  • Experience Level:
    • All are welcome
  • Advance Prep:
    • To save class time - wrap the Perle cotton number 5 around a folded index card or something similar.
    • If you find the Perle cotton number 5 already in a ball, all the better! Please tell Jill where you found it.
  • Supply List:
    • Scrap yarn
    • DK or sock weight - color does not matter, it will be hidden and is for shaping.
    • Largish spool of thread in your chosen background color.
    • Metallic yarn, such as YLI Candleight.
    • Perle cotton number 5 in 4 to 6 coordinating colors.
    • Needle threader- optional.

    To insure your left behind items can be returned to you, label them with your last name and email or phone number.

  • Completion Level:
    • Most will complete the project.
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