Class Proposal Form

Proposals for Pittsburgh and Georgia Quilt Show due 3/1/13
Proposals for Fredericksburg, Birmingham, Fort Worth, Minneapolis, Tinley Park, Overland Park due 4/1/13


Along with this form, send the following items:
  • a sample student handout
  • a teacher photo saved as a .jpg file
  • for hands-on classes, mail a completed project sample or email a .jpg photo for use on the website

Copy and paste this information into your email, fill it out, and email to us at You may also attach any Microsoft Word documents you have containing your class information. The subject line of your email should read:
Class Proposal - Your Name
Expo Cities of Participation:
Alternate Phone (mobile, cell, etc.):
Booth or Shop Affiliation:
City & State of Booth or Shop:
Instructor Biography (between 50 and 150 words):
Class Title:
Maximum # of Students:
Length of Class: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2.5 hours, 3 hours Or state length____
Experience Level (if applicable):
Audio/Visual requested: Please note we have a limited number of rooms set with data projectors and screens and one room set with a lampcam and monitor. Our ability to schedule your class will be influenced by the audio/visual equipment we have available. There will be no ability to accommodate any requests not received with this proposal.

Class Description for Publication in Brochure and on Website:
Hands-on: Yes or No (If yes, please complete all that apply below)
Student Advance Prep (if applicable):
Prerequisite (if applicable): (i.e. 'some machine sewing experience' or 'must be familiar with rotary cutting equipment' or 'must know how to achieve an accurate 1/4" seam', etc.)
Completion Level (if applicable): (how far will student get on project in class)
Student Supply List (if applicable):
Materials in Kit (if applicable):
Kit Cost to Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Georgia Quilt Show (if applicable):

Rotary Cutting Stations: Yes or No 
If YES, please indicate which items you require for this class. If either cutting station size works for you, please check the appropriate choice for BOTH.
  • Small cutting stations: 6” x 12” rulers with 12” x 18” mats ____ One set per student
  • Small cutting stations: 6” x 12” rulers with 12” x 18” mats ____ One set per 2 students
  • Large cutting stations: 6” x 24” rulers with 18” x 24” mats ____ One set per student
  • Large cutting stations: 6” x 24” rulers with 18” x 24” mats ____ One set per 2 students
Additional equipment:
  • 6.5” square rulers ____ One per student
  • 6.5” square rulers ____ One per 2 students
  • 12.5” square rulers ____ One per student
  • 12.5” square rulers ____ One per 2 students
  • Add-A-Quarter Rulers ____ One per student 
  • Add-A-Quarter Rulers ____ One per 2 students
  • 28mm rotary cutters ____ One per student
  • 28mm rotary cutters ____ One per 2 students
    Irons: Each machine classroom has four irons and four ironing stations.
    Please indicate if additional/different ironing tools are required:
    Additional ironing tools available: Applique Pressing mats, additional ironing pads
    Please indicate which and how many are needed:
    Which machine brand(s) do represent or work on regularly?:________________

    Machine required for students in class: Yes or No (If Yes, please also answer questions below.)
    Machine functions needed: (i.e.zig zag, hooped embroidery, needle positions, free-motion, etc.)
    Machine accessory feet used during class: (assume general purpose foot and plate on machine, list all additional machine accessories and feet)

    How would you like machines to be set up for the beginning of class:
    • Machine set for sewing? Free Motion? Embroidery?
    • Stitch settings or embroidery design selected 
    • Foot attached
    • Needle type/size
    • Thread color/type on top
    • Thread color/type in bobbin
    • Additional thread color/type needed for class:
    • Hoop sizes/types needed for embroidery
    Other information for classroom set-up:

    By submitting your email with Class Proposal Information, you agree to the Faculty Terms and Conditions.

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