Faculty Terms & Conditions
Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! is dedicated to providing exciting, high-quality classroom experiences at each and every event. Faculty members are experienced and passionate about their subjects. They bring essential techniques, innovative approaches and current trends to students in seminars and workshops morning, noon and night for three days in each event location.

Personal Appearances
From time to time questions arise about personal appearances before or after the event. Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! takes great care to balance the educational program in each city, and requests that Faculty Members respect the following:
  • When we bring an event to a city, we spend tens of thousands of dollars and many hours on promotion to make it a success. We expect every instructor and exhibitor in the program to respect this investment and to contribute actively to the effort to bring all enthusiasts to the show.
  • Any scheduled personal appearances (with guilds and independent sewing retailers, for example) should occur outside the core marketing region (about a 2 hour drive) of the events during the 90 days immediately prior to or following an Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! event. This arrangement also benefits the sponsoring organization or retailer, since their promotional dollars aren’t competing with our promotions. Limiting personal appearances to the areas outside the primary event marketing radius – and calendar months – is the best way to keep everybody busy, happy and profitable.
Informational Handout
All teachers are required to provide an informational handout for each student in class that supports, explains or enhances the classroom learning experience. This can be as simple as an outline of topics covered in class (with space for notes), directions to a technique described in class or a bibliography of related books or pattern numbers. (A price list of products is not the type of informational handout we are asking for.) Handouts for hands-on workshops are the project directions used in class.

Material Fee Reimbursement
Materials fees for hands-on classes are automatically charged to students during the class registration process **. When you provide materials or kits for student use, you will complete and turn in your Materials Fee Reimbursement Form (available upon check-in) at the Ambassador Desk at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! before you leave the event. You will bring your collected class tickets too, and the numbers will be validated when you turn in your form. Material fees will be reimbursed as per your official Letter of Agreement, usually within 45 days of the event.
**The amount due to you per student is not always the amount printed in the brochure. For some classes we increase the fees you quote in order to accommodate operational expenses (like electricity), supplies we provide or shared supplies. Please refer to your original class notes, using these for your invoice calculations.

Faculty members agree to publicize their participation to enthusiasts in all ways reasonable and appropriate. This includes your website calendar, newsletters, mail order fulfillment, personal appearances, trade ad calendars and so on. Flyers, brochures, approved text and logo, web links and more are available to you for your use in promoting your appearance.

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! will:
  • Provide internet-ready and/or print-ready materials, printed flyers, class catalogs and so on for faculty members to use in promoting event appearances.
  • Publicize faculty and classes:
  • In the printed class catalog;
  • On our website, including the catalog in PDF format and the unabridged (full-length) text;
  • On the Faculty Page on our website, with your photograph and professional profile;
  • Via the telephone with personal recommendations by our in-house Registration Specialists during the class registration process.

Product Sales
Selling of patterns, books, materials, etc. within the classroom is not permitted under any circumstance. The Exhibit Hall hosts all retail sales of products and services. If you have a limited product line (not enough for a booth of your own), Matchmaker services may be able to help you find a home for your products in a compatible vendor’s booth, allowing the important connection between classroom experiences and Exhibit Hall sales to be maintained. Interested parties will be provided with contact information and arrangements can then be made with the vendor to retain a percentage of sales in exchange for their services.

Class Cancellation
Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! reserves the right to cancel, for any cause and for the good of the show (such as insufficient enrollment), any class at any time. When such cancellation takes place prior to 30 days in advance of the opening day of the event, such cancellation shall result in a proportionate decrease in the compensation payable to the teacher.

Failure to Appear
Failure to appear for any cause will result in payments from the teacher to Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! for the total of 125% of class revenue already collected at the time of cancellation plus 100% of total booth value assigned.

A formal Letter of Agreement signed by Original Sewing & Quilt Expo / Quilting LIVE! and Faculty member will outline and confirm these and other individual arrangements for each event.